Dustin Furlow — Only Autumn

In April (2018), Carl alerted me of an opportunity for us to host a house concert for Dustin Furlow and Matt Thomas. A little later, Dustin and I tried a little recording outdoors, in Newport News Park. This is from that outdoor session. As Autumn is approaching, it seems time to repost this video. Recorded April 30, 2018. — Steven Tung

About a Good Friend — Amy Joy and Carl Olson

Recorded on May 29, around the beginning of Summer 2018, this was just a rehearsal take of Amy's original song, "About a Good Friend". I believe Carl helped with the music and putting the whole song together to completion. The Summer is almost over, and we have not (yet) gotten around to doing a "real" take. This take has so much character, with the natural light from the garage door open, so we're sharing it, for the time being. — Steven Tung

The Dathan Train

Carl and I were checking out the recently completed mural by Dathan Kane, and shot this video as a study on drone tones. We liked it enough to share here, despite Carl's disheveled hair. I find the video peaceful, in a surreal way. — Steven Tung

Chase Holliday and Carl Olson

From Asheville, North Carolina, coming to Coastal Virginia, meet Chase Holliday, playing some good old tunes with Carl Olson on the Keys!


"Harmony House" at Wesley United Methodist Church

In Coastal Virginia, there are many hidden gems of opportunities to share and hear music, at venues that are often little known. One example is "Harmony House" at Wesley United Methodist Church, on Armistead Avenue, in Hampton, Virginia. Wesley UMC has been a long-standing host for concerts presented by Tidewater Friends of Acoustic Music, on the Hampton-side of the Chesapeake Bay. The church also hosts its own Friday night coffee house, about once a month, which is creatively named "Harmony House". On May 11th, 2018, "Harmony House" featured local musicians Dale Stumpf and Rachel Toth (both of whom can sometimes be found performing at Arthur's General Store, in Driver, Virginia or at Firehouse Coffee at Fort Monroe), Philip Sowers (Young Adults Worship Leader at First Baptist Church (Newport News), Steven Tung, and Jerry Sowers (Music Director at Wesley UMC). Resident member of the church, "Jack" (a longtime metal detector operator, as a hobby), provided bits of humor between the musical acts. Photo provided by John Toth, Photographer and FAA Certified Remote Pilot for Drone Photography and Videography. (From left to right, in photo: Steven Tung, Jerry Sowers, Philip Sowers, Rachel Toth, and Dale Stumpf) — Steven Tung

St. Flora "Holy River" and "Forest in the Kiln" Covers, originally by Lobo Marino

Sam McMullin (St. Flora) and I had recorded these two videos, in April (2018), and Sam mentioned that he would like to get permission to share them, with the world. Then comes the EarthDreams event (celebrated on Earth Day, in Richmond), which I attended. Lobo Marino provided live music for the collaborative performance. I met Laney Sullivan, of Lobo Marino, through Rich Bargdill, who sat next to me during the performance. I messaged Laney on Facebook, and asked for permission, on behalf of Sam, and we were given the okay to share these two cover songs. Find out more about Lobo Marino at their bandcamp site: https://lobomarino.bandcamp.com/ or their website: http://www.lobomarinomusic.com/

Song audio and lyrics for the original version of "Forest in the Kiln": https://lobomarino.bandcamp.com/track/forest-in-the-kiln
Song audio and lyrics for the original version of "Holy River": https://lobomarino.bandcamp.com/track/holy-river

Much of what they stand for, what they are about, is in line with what Sam (St. Flora) is about. Think yoga, consciousness, the Earth, awareness, ahimsa. . . — Steven Tung

Ray Bruce — She Thinks That I Don't Care

Original Song by Ray Bruce — "She Thinks That I Don't Care" with Carl Olson on the Piano. I call this Ray's "Train Song". — Steven Tung

Carl Olson — The Cape (Cover)

Carl recently (I think) discovered this song. He really likes Guy Clark's easy manner of delivery, and so do I. We find songs like these light and approachable, still with a good message. — Steven Tung

St. Flora — The Garden

This is a nice long version of St. Flora's original song. So many pop songs are short, fast, loud. This is sort of a different direction, longer, more meditative, quieter, where time sort of floats in the air, and you can breathe, slowly, peacefully. The link below starts 0:34 in, because of the shaky camerawork (at the beginning).

Road Trip to Cozzy's Open Mic

Modeled after our first car video, "Coastal Virginia Road Trip", we decided to try another one, documenting our group visit to Vaughn Deel's long-running regular Open Mic on Monday evenings at Cozzy's Comedy Club. I believe it was Carl and/or Amy's idea for the first car video, and it was somehow their idea, again, for this one. Jack Green told me once, that he loves how music brings people together. You never know who you are going to see/meet at an open mic. Carl and I both ended up playing with other musicians, on stage, that was completely unplanned. — Steven Tung

Musicians appearing in this video:

Aubrey Rayne West: 2:12 - 2:40
Amy Joy and Carl Olson: 2:59 - 3:56
Amy Joy, Steven Tung, and Carl Olson: 3:57 - 4:21
Steven Tung and Joseph Johnson: 4:22 - 4:46
Joseph Johnson, Hannah Gomez, Ray Bruce, and Carl Olson: 4:47 - 5:20
Jack Green (speaking): 5:21 - 5:32


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